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 If you can't tell from the picture, we   are all related! Two sisters and their   mother... we will let you decide   which is which ;)  

 We have always had a passion for all   things vintage and bringing the old   back to life in our own homes! We   love imperfectly perfect things.  


 In 2016, we started this adventure   on a whim, when we decided to try   our hand at a booth in a local   antique shop...  then we quickly   expanded to two locations, getting   our own LLC, and joining markets   every chance we could.  

 The name originated with a general   store in Freesoil, Michigan. Our   grandma and her sister used to tell   us stories about working there as a   kid and making $.55 per hour. The   picture on the right is of the   original store back in the day!!  

 In the summer of 2018, Alyssa   decided to sell her house to buy a   building and we then were ALL   IN (check out our blog for the more   in-depth story!). We spent 3 very   long months getting this little   business off the ground! Joanna and   Chip Gaines would be proud... if we   were friends. We opened in   November of 2018, and the rest is   history!  

Breann, Amy, and Alyssa

The Original Honeysuckle General Store in Freesoil, Michigan

Thanks for following our adventure!

Much love, 

Alyssa, Breann and Amy