Gifts that Give Back

Join us in giving

Years ago, I was sent on a "mission" to create a care package to send to someone across the country (mind you, I had never met this person, I only knew that his name was Jonathan). I set out to purchase locally made and hand-crafted items that I thought would make a great gift for anyone. I spent way too much time picking out items, going from shop to shop, all the while hoping it would fit in one box. It was a process, but it sparked an idea: GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK. 

Now, FAST FORWARD to present day (03/18/2020) when a world-wide pandemic hits and this 5 year plan to launch said idea gets fast tracked, like real fast...


Picture this: You find yourself in a pinch and no time to go hunting for the perfect birthday gift. Or maybe you are quarantined to your house and you don't even know what day it is, and you still need to send a wedding gift. Or maybe you simply want to send a care package to let someone know that you love them a lot, but to be honest you don't really have the energy to run all over town looking for the perfect items that shout "I CARE ABOUT YOU!"


Born from is the dream to customize a box with GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK (from the convenience of your home or on the go from your phone): 


  • Choose and pick gift(s) from our give back section (each item below has a GREATER mission than just simply being a gift, so with every purchase, your gift is giving back in more than ways than one!)

  • Fill a small flat rate box with items you choose.

  • Have the boxed shipped directly to a friend, your mom, your dad, a colleague, a long lost lover, your kid away at college, etc.

  • The gift receiver will also get a GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK coupon to pay it forward and send a gift to someone else. 

As we continue to dream about how our gift giving can be intentional and give back in more ways than one, we want to say thanks for being a part of this with us! Happy gift giving, my friends.